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  • Tetra Pak® PlantMaster is designed to help food producers take total control and achieve their top performance with:

    One flexible, scalable and customizable plant automation and information solution One open MES software solution One common data management system with modular design and upgradeability

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    Tetra Pak® PlantMaster - gives you total control



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  • Troubleshooter/Ekspert i membranteknologi

    Vi søger en erfaren troubleshooter med indgående kendskab til membranfiltrering.

    Læs mere her (in Danish).

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  • Today we have launched our redesigned website, which underlines our kinship with Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak’s expert centre for membrane filtration is Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions, located in Silkeborg Denmark and Champlin USA.

    This website is dedicated to visitors interested in membrane filtration technologies and applications, and we hope you find the content useful. The site language is English; however, the download section will be expanded with brochures in German, Spanish and Russian shortly.

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  • New Managing Director of Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions

    Kresten Hjortsballe has taken up the position as Managing Director of Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions with 120 employees in Silkeborg, Denmark and in Minneapolis, US. Kresten Hjortsballe has held various sales, portfolio and marketing management positions within Tetra Pak Hoyer in Denmark and Italy, and has prior to this position headed Tetra Pak Scanima in Alborg from 2010, and since 2013 also been Global Category Director Dairy, based in Lund, Sweden.

    Kresten replace Niels Osterland who was one of the founders of DSS Silkeborg in 1999 and who played an important role in the success of establishing DSS as a leading supplier of membrane filtration solutions to the dairy industry.  When DSS was acquired by Tetra Pak in 2013, Niels Osterland became the Managing Director of Tetra Pak's global membrane filtration business.


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